About this Blog

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting this blog. Initially I started blogging to makes sense of my incoherent thoughts and struggles as I was overwhelmed with mental illness struggles and my attempts at surviving it. Lacking support, I turned to writing which soon ignited a passion to create awareness about mental illness. Getting to know other sufferers through such a platform helped me establish new support networks and broadened my understanding on the vast, debilitating issues surrounding mental health.

So I started sharing my story and reaching out with the hopes to join in the fight against stigma and create awareness. Deciphering the truth about mental illness, sharing thoughts and experiences and sharing self-help suggestions and support is the crux of this blog. More so, this has evolved into a journey of personal growth and the will to survive as I document my journey and detangle my thoughts through written words and a challenged perspective.

Your story matters, you matter and it is your responsibility to survive this struggle against the imprisonment by your own mind.