May 22, 2019

Materials for making a phone case

The current, along with the development of smartphones are the accessories that come with the phone such as case, tempered glass, leather case, … One of those accessories. Phone cases are accessories that are widely used by most people from youth to the elderly. Because, It’s not just an accessory to protect our phones from being bumped, scratched by external elements, but it’s also a decorative accessory that makes our smartphones more beautiful, unique.

In the market, there are many cases with many different designs, materials, color for customers to easily choose. They are suitable for consumers’ preferences and pockets.  Here, I will mention some of the materials used to make phone cases that are most popular today.

Casing made of metal material (mainly aluminum, steel …)


Price: products made from expensive materials (aluminum …), machining costs a lot of effort, so the price of this type is usually higher than the remaining materials (The price of the metal case  is about ~ 20 USD)

About form: As you know, it is difficult to create details on objects made from metal, so almost all phone cases are not very diverse in style. They are often monochrome.

Protection function: High impact resistance (due to the high hardness of metal), however, when used (disassembled and installed), it is easy to scratch your phone, so you need to be careful when removing the phone.

Durability (use time): The durability of the metal case is very high. You can use it for about 1 to 2 years

Casing made of hard plastic material (also called PC)

Price: Due to cheap materials, easy to process, the case made of hard plastic materials (PC) is cheap about 4-5 USD. Suitable for most people.

Color: Hard plastic material has high printing ability, so this type of case is often printed with various images: from landscapes, models, 3D images … Very popular with young people

Machine protection: Good scratch resistance, but It is easy to break, crack when dropped or bumped (due to the high durability of PC material). Therefore, you need to be careful when using it.

Durability (use): Durability is not high (several months to half a year), because PC materials are easily corroded over time, especially when exposed to regular sunlight.

Casing made of flexible plastic (Silicone)

Price: about 5-6 USD (Relatively cheap)

Form and color: The phone case is made of flexible plastic is shaped and created very cute(  (like Totoro phone case,…) and extremely loved by young people. But the ability to print on the surface is not high (easily discolored). So the colors are mostly monochrome.

Machine protection: Very good, due to the toughness of the material, it is also quite safe to remove.

Durability (use): Very good, Silicone is durable. But, Customers who use materials often have to change many times. due to this material is often dirty, fast old if used regularly.

Casing made of wood material

If you’re fed up with a phone case made of metal, plastic or silicon. Why don’t you try to choose a wooden phone case? Although, It is a new material in many materials to make the phone case. But it is very popular because:

Price: You think it is relatively expensive. But not. It is extremely affordable. Only about 8 – 10 USD.

Durability: made from high-quality natural wood material, not warped, faded. Rest assured to use it for a long time without having to worry about the quality of products being changed over time.

Process: The process of making wood case is extremely elaborate. After choosing wood, they will use hand saws to cut the wood into blocks (according to the mobile phone shape). Then they use a laser to carve. (Some places they use wood chisels to make this product by hand). The product is made very delicate, unique and beautiful. Best of all, you can ask to carve according to the image you like.

In conclusion:

Above, I introduced you to some materials for making phone cases that are most commonly used today. Depending on your needs, you can choose the material that best suits you. Hope you can choose the phone case that you like best!

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