Love And Marriage In Developed Countries

General characteristics of developed countries

Most developed countries share common characteristics such as a thriving economy, an aging population, high death rates, low marriage rates, and low birth rates.

The general trend of citizens in these countries

For most developed countries, they often do not tend to have children or get married. Their time is mostly for work and career. so they are quite busy, do not have time to think about other things. In addition to time for work, they will spend their free time for the fun to relax or love outside marriage.

What they care about most are career and enjoyment

In fact, they do not value having children but what they care more about his career and enjoyment. They simply want to live a happy life, not having to worry about anything, the only dream is to discover life, experience everything and enjoy the right life and live your life. They also do not want their ties and accountability to other relationships.

The way that citizens in developed countries reward themselves

Although the average monthly salary of a person in developed countries can feed many people. But instead of being for families, they often give themselves to reward themselves and encourage themselves. They just want to do what they like and as long as they feel comfortable. because their work is quite stressful and busy. Once they have free time, they want to prioritize themselves first. The work keeps repeating every hour, every day, even every month, every year. Gradually make them more respectful of their time. During holidays, they often travel with family and friends, enjoy life and enjoy the maximum time they have on holiday.

Their enthusiasm at work and their desire for their work

Once they start working, they will work hard and relentlessly, do everything to get the most effective work. As for games, they are equally enthusiastic. in them, there is a clear line between work and private life. That’s why their quality of life is so high and scientific. they always poured their energy and enthusiasm into what they were doing and always wanted everything to be under control and the results must be as expected. always force ourselves in the framework to achieve success and to achieve a sense of achievement. For them, happiness is living to work and play hard, live enthusiastically without regret.

In love, they are also very enthusiastic

In love, they are also very enthusiastic. There is always a free and liberal way of thinking because of the influence of their culture. It is also because of the influence of the same culture that they soon had the same thoughts and the same influence so the problem of not wanting to get married was soon assimilated in the thoughts of these advanced citizens.

The responsibility associated with marriage is not what they are pursuing, but it is understanding and experience

They do not value marriage as the eastern people. They are always thinking about this issue, not putting power or forcing themselves to associate with lifelong rights and obligations. they don’t want any attachment. They want to discover everything, improve their knowledge and experience in life.

Experience is also a way for them to know about love

The love for them most stopped at the experience level. they also do not care if the sentiment is deep or not, as long as they love the other person hard and clearly define equality and mutual respect. It is a condition to maintain the relationship. when they want to end the relationship, it is when they do equality with each other, saying goodbye in fun.

Thoughts and habits reduce the rate of marriage and childbirth

Because these thoughts and habits have reduced the rate of marriage and childbirth. Make the population aging rate increase and especially increase the social welfare policy for the elderly. This situation has not only happened in developed countries but now has affected other developing countries. affect the thinking of the majority of young people today. In their thoughts soon thought that if I can support myself, I can freely live my life and not need to get married. They also want a life unbound.

Staying true to culture partly increases the rate of marriage

We do not need to care whether or not oriental culture includes both developed and developing countries. What we care about is that, more or less, it has a big impact on the change of its inherent culture. Therefore, always live with the culture of your country, live with the responsibility that every person should have. For culture to not be lost and to create our next generation, to enrich the country and to inherit the good values that the previous generation left.

Marriage and childbirth are the keys to solving the problem of population aging

No matter how Westerners think about love and marriage, it all has a significant impact on society, especially population issues. Be the one who thinks about the future of the country and learns to be responsible. Expressing your own bravery, not being selfish and trying your best in your ability. Just love and marry the person you love to create the best gifts you can inherently create with the one you love. The decision belongs to you.

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