February 2019

Each Person Has Three Lives

The Judgment of each person’s three lives

Most people think that they have only one life. it is personal life and only lives for that life. But not many people know that, in fact, everyone has 3 lives. it is life for the community, private life, and secret life.

Life for the community

People who have a life for the community are people who interact with others, know how to look outward. these are social relationships, conversations with many different people. And all of our activities that happen outside of society belong to everyone’s public life.

Social life is the widest life

When we do activities such as communication, helping others, buying and selling activities, making friends and even traveling, it means that we are living the largest life, life belongs to society.

This is also the life that consumes you the most time

We spend most of our time on this kind of life because most of the time we are devoted to outside activities. Even when we’re on the street, at school, at work, or at the company … we’re all living in that life. So it is not surprising that this is the widest life, spending your most time.

The second kind of life is private

The second kind of life is everyone’s own life. it belongs to you personally, it belongs to this kind of life. It includes everything you do in your free time like watching movies, listening to music, reading books … we call them private lives that no one has the right to invade.

Private life is an inseparable part of your life

Although private life does not take as much time as public life, it still plays a very important role. that is the individual needs and necessities of each person, which is an inseparable part.

Benefits and important meanings that second life brings

Private life gives us the spirit, giving us energy and time to prepare ourselves well in every way. It is time to relieve stress after a hard working day. that is the most important meaning of the second kind of life – life after social contact.

The last type of life is the most important inner life

And the last kind of life that doesn’t belong to reality is the most important life throughout your life. that is the inner, secret life deep inside each person.

The third life is a place that reflects the inner human mind

It is a place that reflects the inner heart of the hidden person, which is the residence of the soul. is a place for people to hide many secrets that do not want to let others know the most. is where you allow yourself to express every thought whether positive or negative, the most subjective evaluations of things you see or hear and things that are still going on around you.

This life is the only place you can’t deceive yourself

You know, sometimes you may not completely use the truth in the world outside of society or in your own life, but the only thing you can’t deceive is your heart.

The concealment of the truth for a long time causes you to be unable to express your true feelings

Sometimes, the words you say are not the same as what you are thinking. That said, you are deceiving your heart. One question is: why don’t you show your true feelings outside and hide them deeper and deeper? And then one day, you will not have the courage to say it.

Expressing emotions is a way to nourish the soul

To change that, from now on learn how to express your true feelings, learn how to express your thoughts to encourage the spirit. The important thing is don’t try to suppress your emotions so that your soul can be liberated. It is the best way to nourish the soul so that there is no longer a burden to suppress emotions and to become a richer inner person. From there, you will be able to live with your true self, not always looking for different reasons to advocate, to deal with those around you. Only so, the distance between people and new people is completely lost.

A rich inner person always lives up to the present emotions

A rich inner person always knows how to reconcile all aspects of life, always living in the right emotions at the present time, always pursuing the values of the beautiful life and doing many useful things for the society.

A complete life is created from these three lives

In this world, no one will live with just one of the three lives. because only when you live these three lives, does it make you a complete life. So, live with your own life and master it, all decisions belong to you.