December 28, 2018

Long Sleep

Perspective on sleep and its role

It is said that sleep is a temporary death, every time you wake up is a revival. Every day we repeat it as an indispensable habit, it gives us the energy to start new lives, taking turns appearing every day.

The appearance of the truth behind long sleep

We are ordinary people who also live in a normal society but we don’t know that behind that peaceful life is a different life than a temporary one. Sometimes, that temporary death lasts only 8 hours but it can last for a decade or even a lifetime.

Causes and consequences behind long sleep

Behind that time was a momentary vigilance, only a second of a moment’s notice was enough to slow people down their whole life. from an ordinary person with a¬†short sleep has now become a plant with long sleep.

The price is too expensive

It is worth it just because of a second of an inadvertent life in exchange for a lifetime. This is also an expensive price, but those who do not value their lives have to pay. if they were lucky, they could escape death or they would have to sleep for the rest of their lives.

Advice for neglect

So, from now on, love yourself and your family. Don’t let a distraction take a lifetime.